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Hello to all my Portuguese Foodies! I have great news!

This week I received an email from Walmart that my Dogysheets has made it to second round in the Walmart Get On The Shelf Contest!

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Image credit: Henrique Mano – Luso Americano Newspaper

This is an amazing opportunity to have my product sold at Walmart stores around the country. Last year over 5,000 products entered the Walmart Get On The Shelf Contest. The Walmart judges will use vote totals as an indicator of public support, to help give them an idea of products’ commercial viability.

This contest is based on votes. If the product received viable votes, it goes into the third stage where the product is tested on the Walmart website for pre-order testing.

I need your vote for Dogysheets once a day until September 2, 2013 at this link –  Dogysheets – Walmart get on the shelf.

Last week, this article was written by Henrique Mano from the Luso Americano Newspaper about my Dogysheets entry into the Walmart Contest.
It’s so wonderful to get support from my friends in the Portuguese community!

I’m committed to keeping jobs here in the USA, that’s why dogysheets are made here in the USA. I also believe in preserving our environment and made an effort to only sell the sheets made from 100% earth friendly cotton.

Visit my website: or on Amazon/dogysheets.

Thank you Henrique and to all of my friends and fans for voting, and the encouragement in all of my endeavors!
Please share this post, visit the Walmart site and vote for Dogysheets!
Maria 🙂


  1. Lauren Butler says:

    Do you still make the dogy sheets? I bought some from you a few years ago and Love them. They are starting to get holes in them and I need to buy new ones. I can’t find your website and I don’t like anything out there, as they are all made of fleece. Please let me know so I can purchase more from you. THANKS.

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