Vinho Verde Sales Grow in U.S.

According to the;  Commission of the Viticulture of Vinho Verde (CVRVV), sales in the U.S. grew more than 34 percent in 2010. Main consumer of Vinho Verde in 2010, which resulted in more than eight million Euros in exports, worth 34% more than in 2009, the U.S. market will be well represented in the Vinho Verde Region from 5 to 10 February, with a visit from journalists and North American buyers. Unique qualities of Vinho Verde and the best viticulture practices is the motto of the campaign “Vinho Verde, Like no other wine in the world” are among the objectives of the initiative undertaken by the Commission of the Viticulture of Vinho Verde (CVRVV).

The bet made by CVRVV in the U.S. market in recent years has resulted in more than eight million Euros in exports – nearly four million litters – in 2010 against the six million Euros – nearly three million litters – recorded in the corresponding period of 2009 between January and November.

Growth in exports to the United States, up from 34 percent, contributed to the excellent export performance of Vinho Verde in 2010, pointing to record totals of around 34 million Euros, more 20 percent than in the past year.

In order to consolidate the strategy launched in 2010, CVRVV spent 1.5 million Euros in a promotional campaign across the border, CVRVV will conduct the first visit of the year of a foreign group to the region with which we want open new business opportunities in what is one of the main consumer market of Vinho Verde.

The initiative destined to importers, journalists and experts linked to North American wine sector involves wine tastes and visits to farms and wineries, from Monção and Melgaço, Guimarães, Barcelos, Amarante and Cabeceiras de Basto, as well as visit to the CVRVV headquarters, already with more than eight decades of activity. (See this full article on their website):

ON Tuesday, March 15, 2011…A Vinho Verde Wine Tasting was hosted by the Comissão de Viticultura da Região dos Vinhos Verdes (CVRVV) and the European Union at:

The Archive Room at Park Avenue Winter

100 East 63rd Street at Park Avenue

New York, NY

The event was a success. Below you’ll find some photos sent to me by the CVRVV.










































Next stop: Vinho Verde is starting the countdown to the world’s largest wine exibition!

Prowein. 27-29 March, in Dusseldorf.

Visit them in Hall 6, stand 36

They we will be expecting you!


NYC: Wine Festival… June 2011…(Schedule of events TBA)


Tia Maria

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  1. Dear Maria,

    Congratulations for your interest and work regarding Portuguese Food.

    We hope to have the pleasure to wellcome you at Aveleda estate in case you decide to travel to the North of Portugal.

    With best regards,

    Aveleda, S.A. (

  2. Tia Maria says:

    Thank you so much for your inspiring comments and your invitation to the magnificent “Aveleda Estate”. I was born in the beautiful Minho region of Portugal which holds a special place in my heart. Hope to visit soon!

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