Portugal’s Seven Favorite Dishes

These famous Portuguese foods are the winners of the online voting contest.   

7 Maravilhas da Gastronomia (7 Wonders of Gastronomy). The winners were announced in September.

Click on the links below each photo to find the location in Portugal from where the dish is famous! If you can’t read Portuguese just paste the pages URL’s  onto Google Translate.

My favorite is “Seafood Rice” and “Queijo Serra da Estrela” What’s your favorite?




Appetizer Category: Caldo Verde – (Collard Green With Potato Puree)

Entry from: Douro e Minho Region


Appetizer Category: Alheira de Mirandela – (Chicken & Bread Sausage)

 Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro – Mirandela




Appetizer Category: Queijo Serra da Estrela – (Sheeps Milk Cheese)

Beira Litoral / Beira Interior – Serra da Estrela


Seafood Category: Arroz de Marisco – (Seafood Rice)

Estremadura e Ribatejo – Praia de Viera – Marinha Grande



Fish Category: Sardinha Assada – (Grilled Sardines)

Lisboa e Setúbal – Setúbal

Meat Category: Leitão da Bairrada – (Roast Sucking Pig)

Beira Litoral – Bairrada



Dessert Category: Pastel de Belem – (Custard Tart)

Lisboa e Setúbal – Lisboa

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