Eco Friendly Christmas Planters

This is an easy project that will cost you virtually nothing to make since they’re made from natural branches, evergreens and any decorations you have on hand from last year.

The best part is that you use solar lights so you don’t waste electricity!



My daughter and I felt crafty this weekend so we decided to make our own Christmas planters to decorate our front porch.

We went for a long country drive looking for evergreen trees that were easily accessible for us to be able to cut off branches for the planters.

We weren’t successful since most of the trees were either too far into the woods or on private property so we decided to head home and try again next weekend.

The next day, while visiting my sister we noticed that there were beautiful varieties of evergreen growing all along her backyard all along.

You can also find the branches for Free at Home Depot or Lowe’s garden centers which are leftovers from their Christmas tree trimmings.


You’ll need:

3 or more varieties of evergreen branches about 2 feet long.

Get enough foliage to fill your planters. You’ll need a lot so if you think you have enough, you don’t!

1 bunch of any fake poinsettias

I used my leftover flowers from previous years

6 or more dry cat tails, wheat branches or any dried flower stems that you prefer

12 long dried tree branches about 2- 3 feet long

Such as birch, small driftwood, or any you find

Solar outdoor lights (1 for each planter)

I found my Santa and candy cane lights at Home Depot but you can use any you prefer

Christmas bows (Optional)

Step 1.

Take your leftover outdoor potted plants and trim off any dead foliage, leaving the dirt inside the pot. If you don’t have leftover plants, simply use any dirt from your garden.

This will serve as anchor to hold the branches. My planters had foliage that was still green so I left it as a filler.

Don’t worry about using green foliage that you may have since if it dries out later it will only add depth and natural dried look to the planter.


Step 2.

Begin arranging the planter by sticking the larger pieces of evergreen into the dirt back edge of the pot. Add the larger pieces of wood in the back. Add more evergreen branches overhanging on the sides and the smaller ones in the front.

Stick poinsettias into the pots in the front. Fill any empty spots with dried flowers, sticks or branches. Place the solar light in the front where it will get sun to charge the battery every day. Add bows or ornaments if you desire.



This planter will last you all winter long. Just remove the Santa and the Poinsettias after Christmas and add regular solar lights!






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