Sugar and Spice Baby Shower Tea Party

“Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice, That’s What Little Girls are Made of”

Here’s the photos from my daughter in law Rebecca’s baby shower hosted by my daughter Lisa and I. We had the shower at the beautiful “Ludlow Country Golf Club” at 10:00 am, where a delicious breakfast buffet was served by caterers: Salt & Pepper.

Each table was decorated with pink and white linens where a photo frame stated the shower theme along with the photo of the babies ultrasound.

The table center pieces were hand made with vintage tea pots filled with fresh cut flowers from my sister Rose’s garden. She was up at 5 am that morning cutting the flowers and arrived at my house at 6 am. They came out beautiful! Salt and Pepper’s staff suggested we add mirrors under the tea pots which created a stunning affect.

At the end of the shower, we held a contest where the quest at each table with the closest birthday date to the babies due date won the centerpiece!

Two of my friends sitting at the same table were both born on the same day as the babies due date. We decided to award the prize to the one that was born earliest on that day.

To keep with the “Sugar and Spice” theme we served vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting. We topped the cupcakes with fresh babies breath and one rose bud also from Rose’s garden.

For the “sugar and spice” themed favors, we created a gift bag that had a vintage tea cup, a sachet of cinnamon spice tea and pure sugar cubes. Then we tied the bags with pink baby ribbon. The cupcakes were placed inside the tea cup to take home.

I made the “tutu” gift basket by simply sewing pink netting around a white basket.

We had a door prize raffle table for quests that brought a bag of diapers. There were 15 gift bags filled with goodies such as; spiced tea tins, cookies with vintage dessert plates, tea mugs, spiced muffin mixes, and tea pots.

Here’s a sample of the teas we had.

We passed around a “Pink Princess Piggy Bank” for guests to put in a “lucky penny”. I noticed that some guests were putting in dollar bills. What a great way to start the babies college fund!

We had a wonderful time and everyone is waiting for our beautiful baby girl!

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