Scorpion Bowl Cooler

Cheer up your winter blues with a Scorpion Bowl Cooler & Chinese takeout!

All you need to do is buy the chop sticks, paper plates and napkins, and make the cooler!

One hour later, pick up the phone and call for delivery!

The best part of this party is no dishes to wash and easy clean up!

Scorpion Bowl Cooler


3 oz light rum

3 oz of dark rum

3 oz of vodka

1 oz of brandy

1 can of Pineapple chunks

64 oz  carton of Orange Pineapple juice

1 can of Orange Sumol drink (optional)

8 oz of simple syrup

1 orange sliced

2 – cups of Ice cubes add needed


Reserve 1/2 of the pineapple chunks and the orange and set aside. Place all the remaining ingredients except ice in a large jar or bowl and mix well until all the juices and liquor is well incorporated.

Place the cooler in the refrigerator until ready to serve stirring once in a while.

When ready to serve, make pineapple and orange skewers with the chop sticks or wooden skewers and place them into the pitcher.

Pour the cooler into a serving pitcher and add ice cubes.

You’ll probably have some cooler left in the bowl, depending on the size of your serving pitcher.

Just keep refilling and adding more ice as needed.

Enjoy the party!

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