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Caldo verde – iconic comfort food for the Portuguese. Photograph: Alamy

Here’s a great article from the UK about Portuguese cuisine. Click on the link below for the full article. Portuguese cuisine is loved through out England. Enjoy!

A quick guide to Portuguese cuisine | Life and style | The Guardian.

Next month, one of Portugal’s best known chefs, Luis Baena, will open Notting Hill Kitchen, his first UK restaurant. While this will raise the profile of pastel de nata and salt cod across the nation, for those of us more used to Nando’s (which is actually South African), it presents a steep learning curve. To help, we asked Baena to talk us through the highlights of Portuguese cuisine, which, he insists, don’t include piri-piri chicken: “It’s part of Portuguese cuisine, but it doesn’t represent it. It’s known abroad, but in Portugal we don’t eat that much.”


Salt cod is a staple in Portugal, eaten two or three times a week, in all kinds of ways, from baked with cream and potatoes (bacalhau com natas) to a cold chickpea salad (salada de bacalhau com grão-de-bico): “In Spain, Juan Mari Arzak and all those great chefs work with bacalhau, but are kind of humble when talking to Portuguese chefs, because they say: ‘I can’t speak with you about bacalhau, because you have thousands of recipes.  Credit: (http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2013/apr/10/quick-guide-to-portuguese-cuisine)



Here are recent articles about the chef:

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Chef Luis Baena


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