George Mendes on Top Chef Masters

Portuguese Celebrity Chef; George Mendes of Aldea restaurant in NYC was recently voted off as a contestant on Bravo Top Chef Master’s Season 3 The judges didn’t care for his Pork & Clam skewers which they felt, although it was quite tasty, it didn’t adapt to the fast food theme of the challenge. Carne Alentejana on a skewer! What could be better than that?

My favorite episode was the Cheese Quick Fire challenge, when George talked about the stinky cheese that his parents would bring back in their suitcases on return trips from Portugal. I think we can all relate!

It was sad to see him leave, but I know bigger and better ventures are coming for him. Good Luck George! Visit the websites below  to learn more about this rising star! I’ve also included his quite humble exit interview…

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Maria, I recently started the website

  2. Tia Maria says:

    Hi thanks for sharing information on great Portuguese restaurants. I’ll gladly post a link on my website.
    Good luck!

  3. cristina costa says:

    I am first decendant portuguese woman who grew up in newark, nj. Not only did I have my mom’s home cooking, but portuguese restaurants are everywhere in newark, nj. I currently live in hermosa beach, ca and I am constantly craving portuguese food. I do cook quite a bit, but are there any portuguese restaurants in my area of California that I can go to when I want to have a taste of home?

  4. Tia Maria says:

    Hi Cristina, Newark has amazing Portuguese restaurants, no wonder you’re craving it. Ca. has many great Portuguese restaurants too.
    Have you visited the website You’ll find Portuguese restaurants listed there by state. Hopefully you don’t live too far from them.
    Meanwhile I’ll try to find the nearest one to you.
    Tia Maria

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