Eat Portugal | The essential guide to Portuguese eating

Eat Portugal | The essential guide to Portuguese eating.

New Cook book; The Essential Guide to Portuguese Food, by Lucy Pepper and Célia Pedroso, offers 52 recipes and is a glossary and a dictionary.

“Lucy Pepper is a British illustrator and writer who has lived in Portugal since 1999 with her Portuguese family. Her first cookery book, O Livro das Receitas Nojentas, a children”s book full of nasty looking things to eat, was published in 2006. Eat Portugal

“Célia Pedroso is a Portuguese journalist specializing in travel and lifestyle. Her work appears in Metro International and Portuguese magazine Visão Vida & Viagens.In 2010, she co-authored the biography of Portuguese politician, Adelino Amaro da Costa. Eat Portugal

This cook book is now available in printed form in Portuguese Book Shops, or as an ebook from Mediabooks. Pick up a copy as a gift to yourself or a fellow “Portuguese Foodie” if you plan to visit Portugal this year

Watch this video as the author talks about her favorite Portuguese foods.

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Posted on July 5, 2011.”Eat Portugal/The essential guide to Portuguese eating”

Sit down to eat with the Portuguese and before pudding has arrived, they will be discussing the next meal, their favourite restaurant, or where to find the best cured sausages.

Come to Portugal on holiday, however, and you may miss out on all the really interesting food that they”re talking about.

Deciding what to eat can be quite tough if you don”t speak the language.
It”s often easier to plump for the simple option of something grilled than risk trying something else that might turn out to be some bit of offal you really can”t stomach.

With the help of Eat Portugal, you can dare to be bold and be surprised by Portuguese cuisine.

Lucy Pepper and Célia Pedroso have put together an essential guide book for you, with a selection of simple recipes, an extensive dictionary (English-Portuguese & Portuguese-English), a glossary and some other useful information for your trip to Portugal and help you to eat well.
Portuguese cookery is strongly rooted in peasant cookery; simple ingredients and simple recipes that make the most of produce in season and that which is preservable through the winter. Being a cuisine of the countryside and the sea, it has been passed down through the centuries by word of mouth and it is hard to find two recipes alike, even for the simplest dishes. A comprehensive and definitive encyclopedia of Portuguese cookery would be enormous and probably impossible, not because Portuguese cookery is so vast and complex – it isn’t – but because everyone has a different, strongly-held opinion about how dishes are cooked. Each region has its own set of recipes, delicacies and traditions that the others don’t even know about. There are cakes that have different names in different places and petiscos with the same name but different ingredients, depending on what city you are in. You’ll start to notice that if you cross the country from North to the South or fly to the islands.

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