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City Sandwich NYC offers a little taste of Portugal in every bite!



Chef Guerrieri of City Sandwich NYC bring what he calls; “ItaLisboNyorker” flavor to unique sandwiches with names such as; Henrigue; made with my favorite; “Portuguese Alheira and Collard greens, Maria; made with Paio, Nuno; made with Morcela, Fatim;a with Octopus! and Auntie; with Sardines! This is a must try on your next trip to NYC. Visit the restaurants website to see the many press articles about this unique eatery.

Our Chef:

Born in Naples, raised in New York, cooked in Lisbon, back in New York…

“I have been working with the Portuguese community in New Jersey to find those delicious ingredients I was surrounded by in Portugal over the past 13 years. After a few visits, I was fortunate to find a Portuguese baker to help me finalize the perfect light bread. The insides of the bread are removed and the golden crust is filled with a mixture of what we’re calling, “ItaLisboNyorker” flavors.

There is no mayo. I have swapped the mayo for yogurt sauces and a splash of olive oil in order to wet the sandwich.

A tasty sandwich truly made from scratch with wonderful ingredients.”

– Chef Guerrieri


649 Ninth Ave.
New York, NY 10036


West side of Ninth Ave., between 45 & 46 Street.

Nearby public transit: A,C,E at 42nd St., N,Q,R at 49th St., M11 bus line on Ninth Ave.


Open everyday. Inquire for business hours.

Delivery Area:

Hudson River – 6 Ave., 32 St. – 60 St.

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