Chef George Mendes – Lupulo “Hops” Restaurant NYC

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Get your sardinhas appetite going! Chef George Mendes new restaurant; “Lupulo” meaning “hops” in Portuguese will feature grilled sardines on its menu. The restaurant at 835 6th Ave. at 29th St. will open sometime next month, March 2015.

The chef’s new cookbook features sardines on the cover!

“Most of the details about George Mendes’s new “rustic Portuguese” project in Chelsea are still top secret, but the head of the construction crew handed off a few tasty morsels to a member of the Eater crew. This past summer, Mendes tweeted that the restaurant would have a wood oven. The construction team adds that it will also sport a coffee bar and a raw bar, plus a take-out window. The team has already poured over $1 million into the project, which was  originally slated to open this month, and then sometime in January. For the looks of things, New Yorkers will have to wait a little while longer.” (credits: Read this featured article in! Follow Lupulo on instagram to get updates!


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