Chef Anthony Goncalves & Chef Luis Americo “Divertimento de Cozinha”

Two Chefs – Two Continents – One Culinary Vision! Executive Chef Anthony Goncalves of  42 Restuarant, Ritz Calton, Westchester NY, welcomed Chef Luis Americo on October 19th for the “Visiting Chef’s” series,  “Divertimento de Cozinha” –  (Fun in the kitchen). This was the first, in the series of events scheduled with acclaimed chefs.  That evening, the two chefs who share the same passion for their culinary heritage prepared an 8 course menu with dishes  that were paired with specially selected wines. Here are the photos of the dishes prepared for the evening.


Photos by Miguel Carvalho

For more amazing photos of the event, visit the Facebook page of Luso Americano’s Henrique Mano where you will find over 200 images posted. The Daily /White Plains has a great article about the event as well. Here’s a special exclusive link to the interview with Chef Americo and RTP which was filmed in the kitchen at 42 that evening. In this  exclusive video, Chef Goncalves welcomes, and thanks Chef Americo, the staff at 42 and the diners who attended that night.

The next diner in the series is scheduled for Wednesday, November 9th with Chef Marco Gomes.

The following information for the upcoming events was posted in the Westchester Magazine article dated October 17, 2011

Divertimento da Cozinha: Visiting Chef Series at 42
On Wednesday, November 9, Chef Goncalves will host Chef Marco Gomes, who will be visiting from Portugal to collaborate on a menu that celebrates the Old-World Portuguese table with new techniques.

Thursday, December 1, Chef Marco Canora from Hearth in New York City joins Chef Anthony Goncalves for a “meatopia.” From the invitation, “Chef Marco will be working with ‘American homestead’ and his pigs. Chef Goncalves will also team up with Chef Jose Ignacio and his ‘Iberico fresco’—which means fresh pork from Spain. Each event (which includes wine pairings) costs $125 per person, exclusive of tax and 20-percent tip.


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