How to Brew French Press Coffee

I like my coffee to simply taste like coffee and the best way to make great coffee, is with a French Press! This also known as a Press Pot or Plunger Pot. Make this coffee for your friends right at the dinner table and they’ll surely be impressed with your coffee making skills.

I’m a plain Jane when it comes to coffee.  This drives my “Coffeeholic” family crazy! Currently we have 4 coffee makers at home; Keurig, Tossimo, Mr Coffee, and a Cuisinart drip coffee maker! They buy all of the new flavored coffees but, hopelessly get me to drink them.

I think the reason is because many years ago I managed a gourmet coffee shop similar to today’s Starbucks where I smelled flavored brewed coffee all day long!

I still remember the nauseating aroma’s from the flavored coffee beans such as, “Peppermint” and the my most hated; “Amaretto” UGH!

We served and sold coffee beans from around the world from the basic,  Colombian to the more expensive Hawiian – Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain.

Today’s most expensive coffee is from Indonesia. But, this isn’t a lesson on coffee so I won’t go into the details unless you’re daring enough to click on the link and find out why!


Here are 2 coffee tips: 

Number 1. You’ll never get your coffee to taste as good as Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or your favorite coffee shop.

The temperature for perfect brewed coffee should be 200 degrees Fahrenheit which is 93-94C. Most home coffee makers will not maintain a temperature that high especially the cheaper models.

Number 2. Never pour away any leftover coffee! Did you know that the longer coffee sits in the refrigerator, the stronger and more robust it gets? Simple let it cool completely and store for up to 1 week!

Ingredients to make perfect coffee press coffee:

Medium or coarse ground coffee

Boiling water

Sugar (optional)

Cream (optional)


Use 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for every cup of (8 oz) coffee. (use less if you enjoy milder coffee)

My press takes 32 oz, so I used 5 tablespoons because I like a milder taste but you can experiment until you find the perfect balance.

Place the grounds in the pot and slowly pour 32 oz of boiling water that has cooled for about 20 seconds. Stir the coffee gently and place the plunger with the lid over the coffee but don’t press down on the plunger yet. Some of the coffee grounds will float to the bottom.

Let the coffee sit for about 5  minutes to brew.  Press down on the plunger slowly and firmly.

Your coffee is now ready to serve. Note: The coffee will continue to brew if you leave it in the press. You may find grounds at the bottom of your coffee cup, this is normal but you may not want to drink the last sip.


Perfect coffee every time! Enjoy!

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