Video Collections

50 Great Wines of Portugal by Joshua Greene

Beautiful images of Portugal

The city of Lisbon….Tram Car

Lisbon, city of the seven hills [Timelapse] from José Costa Barbosa on Vimeo.

Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations Lisbon Parts 1-3




Goreana Tea – Azores – Chef Ming Tsai

Surfing – Nazare, Portugal

Chef George Mendes – Fox News

Chef Rui Correia – Today Show 11/29/2012

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How To Taste Red Wine –By Wine Spectacular Magazine!

Pasteis de Belem Bakery

LaSalette Cook Book/Cozinha Nova Portuguesa

Portuguese Cataplana

Gastronomy & Wine of Northern Portugal

Goreana Tea – Azores – Chef Ming Tsai

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