Taste Portugal More Easy Portuguese Recipes cookbook

Introducing my second cookbook; TASTE PORTUGAL MORE EASY PORTUGUESE RECIPES. This cookbook has 121 recipes. Including my spice and sauces, soups and how-to’s like “how to cook sardinhas” “how to cook polvo” and “how to hydrate salt cod”. From the beginner to the busy experienced home cook who wants to learn some new, easy, simple recipes. Order a copy on Amazon.com (USA) Amazon.ca(Canada) or any Amazon around the world.

Introducing my second cookbook!

Tia Maria’s blog was recently featured in the Luso Americano newpaper article by Henrique Mano. Find the full article here.

Taste Portugal 101 easy Portuguese recipes and Taste Portugal More easy Portuguese recipes collection series of cookbooks from Tia Maria’s Blog by; Maria Dias and Lisa Dias
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