Portuguese Cheese Platter

This rustic cheese platter is a great way to start off your diner or for hosting a simple cheese and wine party. If I have a large crowd I also prepare a Portuguese Style Cold Cuts Anitpasti Platter.

I make this very often when I’m entertaining a large crowd for a diner party because it keeps the guests busy while I finish cooking dinner.

Portuguese Sangria is a perfect match with these appetizer trays.

You’ll need:

Wooden cutting board or large platter

Variety of sliced breads

Variety of Portuguese cheeses:


 Évora cheese



 São Jorge


 Serra da Estrela




 Fig jam


(Portuguese Quince Jam)


Arrange cheeses and breads around the outside of a large cutting board for a rustic effect.

Place almonds and fig jam in the center.You may also use Portuguese Marmelada and walnuts as a substitute for the figs and almonds or use any combination of spreads and nuts.

Serve with Portuguese dry or sweet wines, red, Port, or Madeira combination. Enjoy your cheese and wine party.

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catavino image credit catavino.net

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