Chef George Mendes New Cook Book My Portugal – New Cervejaria Style Restaurant

Chef George Mendes owner of Aldea Restaurant has his new cook book set to launch on October 7,2014. The chef shares some of his recipes and takes us on a journey exploring his culinary roots which eventually led to his success and earning his Aldea Restaurant a Michelin Star!

He is also opening a new restaurant possibly named; “A CERVEJARIA”that will feature rustic Portuguese inspired dishes prepared on Wood cooking and will include many beers.

The chef was recently featured in’s article of New York City’s Most Anticipated Fall Openings.

Michelin-starred Aldea chef George Mendes is opening a second restaurant where he “plans to tap into his heritage to open a rustic Portuguese,” Florence Fabricant reports. Mendes isn’t sharing the name of the new spot just yet, but says on Twitter that it will be “rustic, authentic, shellfish, Wood cooking and Many craft beers on tap: A CERVEJARIA.” Mendes also tells Eater “It will be different from Aldea — same flavors but the cooking will be rustic, gutsy, FUN, and true to my roots and up-bringing.” Expect a “very large dining bar” with beer, wine, and craft cocktails. The space, which is at 29th st. and 6th ave., is under construction and slated to open in December. (credits:

Get a signed copy of his new cook book by visiting this link at; events

Pre-order: My Portugal/Recipes & Stories – Chef George Mendes

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