How to Cook Polvo/Octopus

Don’t be intimidated by cooking octopus. It’s relatively easy to do. I learned this method from my mother of boiling the octopus in water with only 1 onion and no salt required since the octopus is salty already. After boiling I like to bake the octopus with some onions and peppers and olive oil. If you have any leftovers simply make octopus salad, add it to omelets, stews and rice dishes.

If your octopus is frozen let defrost in the refrigerator for about 2 days in a large pan. The octopus retains a lot of water so be sure you have a very large pan. When ready to cook boil water in a large pan with 1 onion. Follow the video below. Your octopus should boil for about 45 minutes, then turn off heat and let it sit in the water for another 20 minutes. You can eat as is by cutting individual portions or bake with onions and peppers and some olive oil. Serve with more olive oil and white vinegar.

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