Big E Fall 2014


Baked Loaded Potato at the Big E, West Springfield, Ma. 2014

Can you find the little Bee, joining us for lunch in the photo?

Here’s some photos from my trip with my daughter to the Big E, the Eastern States Exposition, this week! The food was amazing! We visited the State buildings of Maine and ate our shared lunch of loaded Baked Potato, Lobster roll and blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream. We decided to share each item so we would have room to taste all of our favorites.

We also visited the Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts buildings too. Our final stop was at the Rhode Island building to enjoy my favorite Big E snack of Clam Fritters! The Big E has famous giant Cream Puffs which we passed by but we were to full to try one. My favorite part every year is seeing the chick hatchery in the Farmarama Building where the farm animals are housed. The Giant Pumpkin weighed a massive 1250 pounds which tied the all time record! We had a great time, but I wish I could try those corn dogs, the giant turkey legs, the funnel cake,…the list goes on! Next year I plan on going a little hungrier to try more of the amazing carnival foods!

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