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Portuguese Wine


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Portuguese wines have deserved international recognition since the times of the Roman Empire, which associated Portugal with their God Baccus.

Today the country is known by wine lovers and its wines have won several international prizes.

 Portuguese wine is of high quality and in the last years has been considered by specialists among the best in the world.

Some of the best Portuguese wines are:   Vinho Verde, Vinho  Alvarinho, Vinho Douro, Vinho doAlentejo, Vinho do Dao, Vinho da Bairrada and the sweet Port Wine, Madeira Wine and the Muscatel from Setubal and Fayais.

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Port wine is a fortified wine of distinct flavor  produced in Douro region, normally served with desserts. Port is well known around the world and the most widely exported Portuguese wine.

Vinho da Madeira is a regional wine produced in Madeira similar to sherry made from the distillation of grapes



Vinho Verde wine; (red, white and green) is a traditional Portuguese wine.

Vinho Verde,  or (green wine), is a specific kind of wine, which can be red, white  or rosé, and is only produced in the northwest (Minho province).

The term “green wine”does not refer to the color of the drink but to the fact that this wine needs to be drunk ”young”.

A green wine should be consumed as a new wine while a “maduro” wine  usually can be consumed mature.

Green wines are only produced in the north of Portugal and are usually slightly sparkling.


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Life on the Douro Documentary by Zev Robinson

Part 1 : A preview of my “Life on the Douro” documentary. Still a lot of work to do on it, but I’ll be returning to Porto and the Douro region to film more material, including traveling about a dozen Port wine enthusiast to about a dozen wineries on the “For The Love of Port” week-long tour, giving a variety of perspectives on the region, its wines and its histories.

Part 2: This is the second trailer using material filmed during 23 days on my third and fourth trips to Porto and the Douro region. The fourth trip was with a For the Love of Port tour, arranged specially for my film. Due to be released in September, 2011, the film will deal with the three centuries and current situation of the region and its wines

Part 3: This is the third trailer for Life on the Douro, this time focusing on the family and other connections that make the region so fascinating, and adding material from my fifth trip there.

Preview Part 1 – Video




Preview Part 2- Video


Preview Part 3 – Video


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