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Portuguese Sangria Recipe

Sangria is a perfect drink to quench your thirst on a hot day. It’s beautiful fruity color makes it a great crowd pleaser for your next picnic or a party. The use of the word sangria in labels is now restricted under European law. Only sangria made in Spain and...


50 Great Portuguese Wines by Joshua Greene

Wines of Portugal | A world of difference | News article | 50 Great Portuguese Wines by Joshua Greene revealed. Here is the article from Wines of Portugal featuring the 50 Great Wines of Portugal list by Joshua Greene. Joshua Greene, Wine & Spirits editor, unveiled his favorite Portuguese wines....


Portuguese Wineries in North America

Portugal’s love affair with wine began around 2000 BC when the Tartessians began cultivating the first vineyards in Portugal. When the Roman empire reached into Portugal, they named the area Lusitania, after Lusus, the son of the RomaGod of wine Bacchus. Portuguese wine has evolved through the centuries and no...